• Do you LOVE losing yourself in history and period novels that transport you back in time?

  • Are you the type of traveler that chooses a destination because you get to experience the past through it?

  • Ever curious about the conditions that caused your ancestors to leave everything behind for the “hope” America offered?

  • Have you wondered what it was like for the soldiers who stormed the beaches of Normandy or marched into Paris to liberate it from the Germans?

  • Have you wanted help with your travel planning but never felt connected to your travel agent who didn’t share your love of history?


Who We Are

Personally Yours Travel by Jan, Your Travel Advisor in Greater Cincinnati.   I am Jan Scheyer and I am a connoisseur of history. Like a great author who can bring history to life through words, I do this through travel.  I plan travel experiences for people who want to connect with the past and bring it to life.

If you love history, let me help you plan travel experiences in a way that you’ll never forget. I will illuminate options you’ve never considered and plan every last detail so that you can have an experience that you’ve only dreamed (or read) about.


Benefits Our Clients Experience

  • Match their desires and needs with the best options available
  • They don’t have to worry about any detail once handed over to me
  • Cover every component of their travel so that it’s as if I were there escorting them myself
  • Get them extras they can’t get themselves
  • Arrange special surprises to make them feel special


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